Washington County Commissioner, Diana Irey Vaughan is running in the 2017 Pittsburgh Marathon to help City Mission  bring hope to homeless veterans.

Become a sponsor for Diana’s Marathon for Veterans, and your support will help provide essential, life-changing programs and services designed specifically to address veterans unique treatment needs.

For some of our U.S. Veterans, the war is over, but the peace has yet to come.

Your sponsorship of Diana’s Marathon will help those who put their lives on the line for us, find the peace they so desperately need.

City Mission is building a new and critically needed, 22-bed Veterans Residential Facility in Washington, Pennsylvania.  It will be the first of its kind in this region.

Support Diana in this meaningful effort, to help City Mission serve those who served our country. Please support our veterans with your sponsorship of Diana’s Run for Veterans.

All proceeds benefit City Mission’s Veterans Residential Facility, scheduled to open in Spring of 2018.

Homeless Veterans

Two words that should NEVER be used together

in the same sentence.

How Homeless Veterans Are Unique

  • Veterans are 50% more likely to become homeless than other Americans due to poverty, lack of a support network, social isolation, and dismal living conditions in overcrowded, substandard housing.
  • On any given night, there are 76,000 homeless veterans sleeping on the streets of America
  • Homeless veterans experience homelessness longer than their non-veteran peers; with an average of nearly six years homeless vs. four years as reported by non-veteran homeless individuals
  • 96% of homeless veterans are single males from poor, disadvantaged communities
  • 53% of homeless veterans have disabilities, compared with 41% of homeless non-veteran individuals
  • Half suffer from mental illness and two-thirds   suffer from substance abuse problem
  • The Veteran’s Administration reaches only 20% of veterans in need   

May 7, 2017

Join Commissioner Diana Irey Vaughan helping homeless veterans overcome all of the unique challenges they face. 


Diana Irey Vaughan, elected in 1995 is the longest serving Commissioner, now serving her sixth term of office, and is the only woman to have ever served in Washington County. She is a leader in economic development and has served on numerous economic and community boards, helping raise awareness and much-needed funding for a variety of significant causes.

In 1999 Diana created a public-private partnership with the Washington County Chamber of Commerce to develop a “one-stop shop”, creating a unified delivery system for economic development efforts.  Through her insistence on long-range planning, a low tax rate, and a unified economic delivery plan, Diana helped foster an environment that brought more than 6,000 new jobs to Washington County.  And under her leadership, Washington County was ranked 3rd in the nation in job growth by the U.S. Department of Labor.

As a mother, Diana recognizes the critical role that county government has in providing human services, especially to women and children, the elderly and veterans.  Diana has served on the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania Human Services Committee and on the National Association of Counties’ Human Services and Education Committee.

Diana volunteers her time in the Washington County Correctional Facility working with female inmates in a Re-entry program, designed to prepare incarcerated women for success when released back into society.

Diana is the mother of three children; Victoria (27), Frank (26), and Alexandra (23), and is married to Colonel Robert Vaughan who has served in seven mobilizations, and is serving in his 40th year in the military.





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