Sheltering the Homeless

When people come through our doors, they’re often sick, hungry, tired, afraid and lonely. They have run out of hope that tomorrow will be better.

Your support helps provide our residents with a hot meal, a warm shower, a safe bed and a welcoming smile.

These simple acts of kindness help men, women and  children take their first steps toward a life free of homelessness.

McCausland’s Shelter for Men

Beds are provided nightly for 56 men, making over 20,000 beds available per year. In Emergencies, we make room in our chapel so no one has to face the streets on a cold winter night.

Avis Arbor Women and Children’s Shelter

City Mission provides shelter to 42 women and children at Avis Arbor.

According to the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions – the fastest growing population of homeless people continues to be single women with children.

This same increase is being experienced in Southwestern Pennsylvania.  Despite tripling our capacity for women and children we still are unable to meet the current needs.

Will you help us meet this growing need?  Your donations help us shelter the homeless women and children of Southwestern Pennsylvania and plan for future expansion.

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