$2.26 feeds one hungry person

Imagine all the good you can do

$50 = 22 meals & care
$100 = 44 meals & care
$150 = 66 meals & care

Does it break your heart to see people going hungry this Thanksgiving?  It hurts us too, knowing so many of our neighbors are homeless or struggling to make ends meet.  For them, Thanksgiving could just be another day spent hungry, hurting and alone…

But you can show your neighbors they haven’t been forgotten, and invite them to sit down to a bountiful Thanksgiving meal at the Mission.  A plate piled high with turkey, stuffing and all the fixings costs just $2.26 – so just think of all the hungry people you could feed with your gift now!

Please give your most generous gift now!  And as a special gift for you, get your “Easy as Pies” recipes now!