Fundraiser at The Fairmont Pittsburgh

Fairmont in Pittsburgh Bar Area

An Anonymous Donor GIFTS City Mission With an Elegant Dinner Package at The Fairmont Pittsburgh!

No sooner had we cancelled our Escape to Havana Fall Gala due to funding shortages than a generous, anonymous donor GIFTED us with a complete, elegant dinner package at The Fairmont Pittsburgh!

We are honoring the donors request by holding this fundraiser in hopes of raising $50,000.00 to benefit our Life- Changing Programs!

There is no cost. Please attend on Saturday, August 24 and bring your friends.

RSVP to Deana Wheeler or
call 724-222-8530 ext 283

"Fundraiser at the Fairmont Pittsburgh to Benefit City Mission." August 24, 2019, 6-10pm, cocktial attire
August 1, 2019
Susan Gartland - Social Media Manager
Sue Gartland
Social Media Manager
Sue has a vast career in gospel rescue missions adding great value to the City Mission team. Sue has been in many roles in the mission and is always filling in where she is needed - which is A LOT!

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