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Who we are

City Mission is a Christ-centered rehabilitative homeless shelter.  

We facilitate the transformation of those who have descended into homelessness, hunger and despair by providing food, shelter, case management, Christian based counseling, and life-changing programming.  

Our goal is to help each person who walks through our doors to become a healthy, productive member of society.

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What we do

The City Mission offers two branches of service - Compassionate Care and our Life Recovery Program.

Compassionate Care reaches out to those most in need by offering basic services such as meals, shelter, and medical care.  

The Life Recovery Program assists men, women, and children who are in crisis and looking for life transformation.  

Our philosophy is to meet people where they are and to lead them towards their God-given purpose.

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What you can do

City Mission’s work is only possible by the community and businesses of Southwestern Pennsylvania’s generous donation of time and treasure.  

If you, your business, or church would like to be part of bringing hope to those hurting in our region, or partner with us to deliver the same - please take action today.

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Our Mission
For over 80 years, City Mission has shared Christ, sheltered, healed, and restored the homeless to independent living—without discrimination.  City Mission’s comprehensive program addresses both short-term needs like food and shelter, and long-term needs, including drug and alcohol counseling, mental health and medical treatment, legal aid, and employment training.  Our goal is to help each man, woman, mother with children, or veteran who walks through our doors to become a healthy, productive member of society.  With your help, we help our residents renew their lives.
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Our Impact
Our goal for each person who comes to City Mission is for them to move from a life of crisis, to a healthy, productive and thriving life.  Because of your generosity, City Mission made a real impact in the community, giving hope to those who are hungry and homeless and come to our doors for help.
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What Our Residents Say

Amanda, female resident
"City Mission is where I finally learned that life isn't totally about me. When I began to put others first, I attained a peace that I never had before."
Former Mission Resident
Randy, former resident
“The Mission gives you the opportunity to get right with the Lord and truly change your life. I’m learning to love myself the way God loves me.”
City Mission Resident
kevin, resident
“This time last year, I was depressed, but today I have hope.  The Mission is a place of restoration.  A place of giving life to the lifeless.”
City Mission Resident
matt, former resident
“When I had nowhere else to go, their doors were open.  They took me in graciously. They’ve given me hope.  I’ve gotten my confidence and dignity back."
Former Resident
Nikki, former resident
“The Mission is a miracle for me. It has offered and given me so much.  There’s everything here you could need to get on your feet and start over.”
Former Mission Resident
Nikki, former resident
“I’m finally happy.  Happy that I restored my relationship with the Lord.  It’s definitely better when you have God on your side.”
Former Mission Resident
Renee, former resident
“The gratitude I have in my heart for this place is indescribable.  It is always going to be apart of my life.  City Mission is forever engraved on my heart.”
Former Mission Resident
Jeff, resident
"City Mission has done wonders for me. It’s really been a God-send. As a vet, it takes me a while to trust people. But God is love, and the City Mission is love."
City Mission Resident

Latest News from the Mission

Our News Articles provide information on all manner of topics related to the City Mission.  Our Subject areas include:  Events; Resident Stories; Our Donors; Newsletter Repository; and Knowledge Share.  Knowledge Share engages a host of topics regarding homelessness, addiction and poverty.  Below you will find an opportunity to be “in-the-know” by being on our email list.  You will also find our most recent news pulled together for you below.  Checkout the "Podcast" section of our Knowledge Share articles page!

Standing in the GAP

Homeless man with sign
June 6, 2024

Standing in the GAP The National Low-Income Housing Coalition, a non-profit founded in 1974, produces an annual GAP Report to demonstrate the need for more affordable homes in the United States. In March, they published their 2024 GAP report, which once again shows a dire shortage of affordable housing. “The United States has long faced a significant shortage of affordable rental housing,” the report begins. It goes on to say, “The shortage of affordable housing has worsened over the past few years, exacerbated by rising rent prices and job and wage losses during the pandemic. Although most economic indicators suggest the economy is recovering, the supply of affordable housing for the nation’s lowest-income renters remains deeply inadequate.” The report identifies extremely low-income households and defines them as those “at or below either the federal poverty guideline or 30% of the area median income, whichever is greater.” These households comprise about 25% of all renters in the US, and in 2023 they experienced a “shortage of 7.3 million affordable and available rental homes, resulting in only 34 affordable and available homes for every 100 extremely low-income households.” The 2024 GAP Report also demonstrates that the lack of affordable housing is worse now than before the pandemic, indicating that the shortage of affordable and available housing for extremely low-income households increased by 480,000 between 2019 and 2022. And an unbelievable 74% of all extremely low-income households are severely cost-burdened, meaning that they spend over 50% of their income on rent. These statistics are devastating, but at City Mission, we know that our model for restoring individuals to independent living has been working in Washington County and beyond for 83 years. We believe that our Christ-centered and holistic approach to life-recovery can truly change lives and transform a community. And we are assured that many of you believe that too, because you continue to overwhelm us with your compassionate and generous giving. You are truly making a positive impact in a world and a community in need. In 2023, City Mission helped 158 individuals and families find sustainable housing. We helped 129 of our residents obtain jobs. We served 1,436 neighbors in need this past year with an overall success rate of 69% for those who stayed at least 90 days. The need in the US and in our community is growing…but so is City Mission. Just last month, we broke ground on a new shelter for homeless women. Sally’s Sanctuary will house 50 women in our long-term program, nearly doubling our capacity to serve homeless women and increasing overall capacity from 174 beds to over 200. Your support of City Mission can change the world one life at a time. Supporting City Mission is one way you can stand in the gap for those in need. Visit to learn more.

Preventing Summer Hunger

Boy eating lunch
June 3, 2024

Preventing Summer Hunger School meals play a crucial role in ensuring the health and nutrition of many children in our community. However, when school is out for the summer, those who rely on free meals face an increased risk of hunger. Unfortunately, in our communities, the meal provided at school is often the only substantial one some children receive each day. The Impact: The lack of sufficient food during the summer months can lead to heightened behavioral and emotional issues in children. This food insecurity also places additional stress on parents, impacting their mental health. Parents who struggle to provide for their families face increased stress and anxiety, affecting their mental health and overall well-being. How You Can Help: Your support can make a significant difference in preventing this summer hunger crisis. You can help relieve the anxiety of parents and ensure that children receive the nutrition they need during the summer. Join us in our mission to combat summer hunger at City Mission! 1. Monetary Donations: Your contribution during our Love Your Neighbor Campaign can provide an extra meal for a hungry child and support families in need. Donate to our campaign here: 2. In-Kind Contributions: a. In Person: You can donate food items or fresh produce at our Samaritan Care Center, open Monday through Friday, from 10 am to 4 pm. Address: 84 West Wheeling St., Entrance A4, Washington, Pa 15301 b. Online: You can donate food items directly to our food pantry through our Amazon Wish List! View and purchase from our wish list here: Together, we can ensure that no family goes hungry this summer. Donate today and make a meaningful impact in your community. Thank you for your support!

"I Was Meant to Come Here"

May 9, 2024

Hali has three beautiful children: James, 7, and twin girls Lyla and Lillie, age 2. Hali and the kids’ father had been in an on and off relationship since high school. When his substance abuse issues started getting out of control and creating a negative environment for her children, Hali decided to break it off with him for good. It was the right decision, but it left her and her kids with no place of their own. They moved in with her parents for a while, but that got to be pretty complicated, so they ended up living with Hali’s friend in Indiana, PA. But there was little stability or consistency. Hali’s mind was constantly racing, trying to figure out ways to care for her kids. She had calls in to some local shelters, but none had called her back. Then, her Mom, who just so happens to be our President Emeritus, Dean Gartland’s niece, told her about City Mission. “Why didn’t you tell me about this place sooner,” she told her mom, and she made the call to City Mission. Becky McDonald, our Intake Coordinator called her back right away. We didn’t have a room available immediately, but Becky called her back to check in every few days, and within a couple of weeks, a spot opened up for her. But Hali had no vehicle and no way of getting to the Mission. So the City Mission van made the two-hour drive out to Indiana to pick her up and give her a ride back here. At the Mission, she found peace and stability, and she began to develop trust and build strong relationships. Hali grew up primarily in Munhall, about twenty minutes from Pittsburgh, but she and her family moved around quite a bit. She was the second youngest of five kids. Her dad was an avid fisherman, and she has vivid memories of going on fishing and camping trips with him and her brothers. In high school, she was a good student. She enrolled in a vocational education program in high school and planned to be a nurse. At the end of the program, she would have finished with a Certified Nursing Assistant license. But her family moved during her Senior year, and she was unable to complete the program. When she was 19, she got pregnant with her son, James. “I had always wanted to be a mom,” she explained. When she was young, her family called her a “mother hen,” because she was always pretending to be a mom for her cousins and her younger sister. So when she found out she was expecting, she was extremely excited, and her parents were very supportive. But it was a rough pregnancy, filled with anxiety. Finally, at 41 weeks, she had an emergency C-section, and her son was born. “That moment was perfect,” she said. When Hali finally came to City Mission, it gave her a sense of peace for her and her family. “Moms don’t typically like to ask for help,” she said. “But I know I was meant to come here, and everyone has been so nice and welcoming. You literally get support from everybody – staff, residents. And my kids love it here too.” Her children love hanging out on our playground, and they are building strong relationships with the other kids. They also love spending time with Victoria, City Mission’s new Childcare Coordinator. City Mission has given Hali a sense of hope for her future. She wants to go back to school and learn a trade – maybe welding or general construction. And during her time here, she has also learned to trust others. It has been difficult for her to entrust her kids with other people, but her son, who she had previously homeschooled, is now going to public school and is making friends. Her daughters often stay in our childcare area during the time when Hali is going to classes and working to create a brighter future for her family. “City Mission gives you a sense of relief,” Hali said. “It gives you the knowledge that you have support and that you’re not alone. You don’t ever be afraid to ask for help.” Hali is learning to put her trust in God, and she even hopes to get baptized someday soon. She wants to raise her kids in the church and teach them to grow in their faith day by day. This Mothers’ Day, and every day, you can help moms like Hali find a fresh start and a sense of hope for the future. Visit to learn what you can do to help those in need.

Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.     — Isaiah 40:31