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August 22, 2022

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Who we are

City Mission is a Christ-centered rehabilitative homeless shelter.  We facilitate the transformation of those who have descended into homelessness, hunger and despair by providing food, shelter, case management, Christian based counseling, and life-changing programming.  Our goal is to help each person who walks through our doors to become a healthy, productive member of society.

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What we do

The City Mission offers two branches of service - Compassionate Care and our Life Recovery Program. Compassionate Care reaches out to those most in need by offering basic services such as meals, shelter, and medical care.  The Life Recovery Program assists men, women, and children who are in crisis and looking for life transformation.  Our philosophy is to meet people where they are and to lead them towards their God-given purpose.

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What you can do

City Mission’s work is only possible by the community and businesses of Southwestern Pennsylvania’s generous donation of time and treasure.  If you, your business, or church would like to be part of bringing hope to those hurting in our region, or partner with us to deliver the same - please take action today.

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Our Mission
For over 75 years, City Mission has shared Christ, sheltered, healed, and restored the homeless to independent living—without discrimination.  City Mission’s comprehensive program addresses both short-term needs like food and shelter, and long-term needs, including drug and alcohol counseling, mental health and medical treatment, legal aid, and employment training.  Our goal is to help each man, woman, mother with children, or veteran who walks through our doors to become a healthy, productive member of society.  With your help, we help our residents renew their lives.
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Women & Children
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Program Overview
Our Impact
Our goal for each person who comes to City Mission is for them to move from a life of crisis, to a healthy, productive and thriving life.  Because of your generosity, City Mission made a real impact in the community, giving hope to those who are hungry and homeless and come to our doors for help.
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What Our Residents Say

Amanda, female resident
"City Mission is where I finally learned that life isn't totally about me. When I began to put others first, I attained a peace that I never had before."
Former Mission Resident
Randy, former resident
“The Mission gives you the opportunity to get right with the Lord and truly change your life. I’m learning to love myself the way God loves me.”
City Mission Resident
kevin, resident
“This time last year, I was depressed, but today I have hope.  The Mission is a place of restoration.  A place of giving life to the lifeless.”
City Mission Resident
matt, former resident
“When I had nowhere else to go, their doors were open.  They took me in graciously. They’ve given me hope.  I’ve gotten my confidence and dignity back."
Former Resident
Nikki, former resident
“The Mission is a miracle for me. It has offered and given me so much.  There’s everything here you could need to get on your feet and start over.”
Former Mission Resident
Nikki, former resident
“I’m finally happy.  Happy that I restored my relationship with the Lord.  It’s definitely better when you have God on your side.”
Former Mission Resident
Renee, former resident
“The gratitude I have in my heart for this place is indescribable.  It is always going to be apart of my life.  City Mission is forever engraved on my heart.”
Former Mission Resident
Jeff, resident
"City Mission has done wonders for me. It’s really been a God-send. As a vet, it takes me a while to trust people. But God is love, and the City Mission is love."
City Mission Resident

Latest News from the Mission

Our News Articles provide information on all manner of topics related to the City Mission.  Our Subject areas include:  Events; Resident Stories; Our Donors; Newsletter Repository; and Knowledge Share.  Knowledge Share engages a host of topics regarding homelessness, addiction and poverty.  Below you will find an opportunity to be “in-the-know” by being on our email list.  You will also find our most recent news pulled together for you below.  Checkout the "Podcast" section of our Knowledge Share articles page!

Feelin' Groovy

Brianna Kadlecik at the Tie-Dye event
August 12, 2022

Last Tuesday, we held a tie-dye event for our residents. And it was groovy!! City Mission’s Manager of Career Services, Brianna Kadlecik, has hosted 5 tie-dye events for our residents over the past 3 years. “We started this event in 2020 as a way for our residents and staff to have fun during the COVID lockdown,” she explained. “It was suggested by one of our former residents.” Throughout the two-hour event, which was held under the pavilion outside of our Men’s Shelter, fifty-five residents and 13 staff participated in the event, making over 70 shirts. “There is so much joy and gratitude from the residents,” said Kadlecik. “They get excited when I announce sign-ups, and they have so much fun making their shirts. There is so much laughter during the event.” At City Mission, our residents are working very hard to turn their lives. This tie-dye event is a refreshing and necessary breather from all that intense self-reflection and hard work. “It’s just plain fun,” Kadlecik explained. “For many of our residents who are in recovery from drug and/or alcohol abuse, it is important for them to see that it is possible to have fun without being under the influence of a substance. It’s also an opportunity for some of our residents to get out of their comfort zones in a low-stakes way. You don’t need to have any experience to make a tie-dye shirt, and it’s a relatively easy and inexpensive activity for them to do in the future.” “It’s also beautiful to watch the kids making their shirts alongside their mothers,” she added. “Watching the family bond and make memories is so heart-warming. One of our goals as a Mission is to make this challenging experience of homelessness one of healing and restoration for the men, women, children, and veterans who live here.” Kadlecik hopes to continue hosting these events as long as our residents continue to show interest. “There are hours of preparation that go into this event, but each and every year the residents prove that it is 100% worth all the time and energy,” she said. “Every year, so many of the men, women and children, surprise me with their creativity and their gratitude.”

"It's Gonna Be Incredible"

Nico in his room at the Crabtree Kovacicek Veterans House
July 29, 2022

Nico, a 25-year-old Army veteran and current resident of our Crabtree Kovacicek Veterans House, got a text recently from Washington and Jefferson College (W&J) with his letter of acceptance. “That was a really good day,” he said. “I literally jumped for joy. I was screaming as loud as I could and running up and down the hallway.” He ran out of the Veterans House and down our Freedom Path into the Men’s Shelter, where his Dad, Charles, is currently a resident. He found his Dad in the weight room and told him his good news. And father and son shared the moment that they had both been waiting for. “I had some definite doubts about getting in,” Nico said. “It’s kind of a miracle, actually, given how tragic my high school GPA was. I just never took it seriously. But everything just started coming together so perfectly. And I’m really excited about this new challenge. This is the starting point for me to become the man I desire to be.” Nico came to City Mission a couple of months ago. His Dad, who was already a resident here, told him about the veterans program. “Come up here and get your life together,” his Dad told him. Nico decided to give it a shot. When he came to the Mission, he met our Manager of Veterans Services, Steve Adams, who is a veteran and a former resident at City Mission. “He’s incredible,” Nico said of Adams. “Ever since I got here, he has taken me under his wing. He's shown me everything I need to do to set myself up for success.” When Nico told Adams that his ambition was to become a Radiologist and that he was interested in attending nearby W&J College, Adams immediately got on the phone with Dr. Michael Crabtree, a City Mission Board Member and Psychology Professor at W&J whose name adorns our Crabtree Kovacicek Veterans House as an ardent supporter of our veterans program. “Steve Adams is so committed to his role and to helping every single one of the veterans,” Dr. Crabtree explained. “He has a passion for helping them achieve their goals, and he always knows how to help and who to contact.” Dr. Crabtree contacted the W&J admissions office on Nico’s behalf to help with the application process and to let them know some of Nico’s unique characteristics. “Nico represents the best of what comes out of City Mission,” he explained. “He is going to take the support he gets from City Mission and use it to move on to something exciting that represents a real opportunity for him. Nico is going to need all the tools that he gains at City Mission to face the challenges ahead and to have the resilience to push through. I have no doubt he will be successful given what he has already accomplished.” When Dr. Crabtree, who just so happens to be the academic mentor for the W&J wrestling team, found out that Nico was interested in joining the team, he wasted no time in connecting him with Head Wrestling Coach, Tommy Prairie. Coach Prairie gave Nico a tour of campus and assisted him through the application process. “The main thing that we look for in the W&J Wrestling program are passionate and driven individuals that want to be successful in all aspects of their lives,” said Prairie. “From my interaction with Nico, it’s clear he is not our typical freshman, but you can tell that he has a drive to improve his life and set himself up for the future.” “My number one goal for Nico,” he added, “is to see him graduate in four years with a skillset to be successful going forward in all aspects of his life. Every achievement on the mat is a bonus.” Nico is primed for this new challenge in his life. “This is going to take real discipline,” he explained, “a discipline I don’t think I’ve shown in my life yet. But I know it’s there. And that’s why I’m taking on this challenge. It’s gonna be the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, but it’s gonna be incredible to see it happen. I can’t wait.” “I am thankful to the Mission,” he added, “because, no matter all the mistakes that I've made, I'm forgiven, and I'm able to start new.” Real life change is possible. It happens here at City Mission. You can be a part of these everyday miracles by helping us turn our residents’ dreams into reality.

"I Have a Future!""

C.J. at Men's Shelter Pavilion
July 22, 2022

C.J. first came to City Mission in 2018 and stayed for a year before moving out on his own. He was doing great until the COVID pandemic wreaked havoc in his life. “During COVID, life showed up and things got very difficult, like, very difficult,” C.J. explained. “I ended falling back into the drugs again.” He went to rehab and then came back to City Mission for a second stay in November of last year. “I think it’s important to recognize that when CJ needed somewhere safe to come, somewhere he was going to be loved and accepted for who he is, he showed up here,” said Brad Nelson, City Mission’s Intake Coordinator. “The Mission provided an environment for CJ to become the person God’s true will intended him to be.” When C.J. came back to the Mission, he was welcomed back with open arms and with nothing but love at a time when he needed it most. “If I hadn’t come back to the Mission,” he explained, “I might not be alive today. Before I came to the Mission I was just lost, spiritually broken, with no hope at all. You know, I knew exactly where it was going, and I was just scared because I didn't wanna die.” C.J. grew up in Johnstown, PA. He was raised by his grandmother, because his mother was an addict, and his father was never really around. He had a good childhood. His grandmother raised him and his siblings in the church. But in 11th grade, he started getting into trouble. “That's when my life really took a whole different turn, because I started to give up then, you know,” C.J. explained. “I got hooked on the streets. I started drinking, smoking weed, and selling drugs. That’s when it all started.” C.J. graduated from high school and bounced around from job to job for a while. Then, in 2010, his life really took a turn for the worse. He lost his mom, his grandmother, his grandfather, and his sister all within the span of less than two years. From then, his life started to spiral. “It just went crazy,” he said. “I used to use the death in my family as an excuse for me to act out. I turned to drugs, like, heavy drugs, and I started getting into trouble. I ended up going to jail.” When he got out of jail, he just went right back into the same mess he was in. “I was staying out in the streets, sleeping on back porches, and stuff like that,” he explained. And then one day, he just got tired of it. C.J. also has four kids, and his lifestyle was keeping him from being the father he wanted to be. He came to City Mission and started working on himself and trying to turn his life around. Now, he goes to meetings and participates in mental health counseling and drug and alcohol counseling. He found a church home that he loves. “Before I came to the Mission, my biggest challenge was myself. I was fighting demons, you know,” he said. “But today, I have a relationship with God again that’s very strong and deep. I can actually see the light again, like I have a future… I always looked at negative things, you know, and I see different now. I don't think the same way I used to think. I don't act the way I used to act. “I'm thankful for the Mission because I have a life today. I have a future, and they provided that for me here when I didn't think it was possible. But it is possible, and if I can do it, anybody else can do it, because I've been through the pits, and I've been to dark places where there was no light at all.” Recently, C.J. moved out of the Mission again and into his own place. Within a week after moving, the Mission hired him as a full-time Recovery Support Staff member, setting an example for the residents and helping to maintain a clean, safe, and healthy environment. “CJ went through our Resident Assistant program and was a phenomenal example for the new residents coming into gateway,” said City Mission Director of Residential Programs, Leah Dietrich. “He encouraged them and was there to listen and to guide them towards recovery. He has such a heart for people and that love and light in his smile is inspiring!” You can help make stories of life transformation, like C.J.’s, come alive at City Mission. Give today at:

Welcome, Baby Esther

guadalupe and esther
July 15, 2022

“My grandmother was my mom because my mom was on drugs,” said Guadalupe. “My grandmother was very abusive, physically and verbally. And she didn't know how to express her emotions properly, so she kinda took all that anger out on me and my sister. So I grew up a very rebellious kid, because I didn't know how to cope with all the anger that I had built in me.” Guadalupe was born in the Dominican Republic. She moved to New York City when she was 9. By age 13, she was in the foster care system. At age 18, she met her first abusive boyfriend. She ended up getting into drinking and drugs. After suffering through several abusive relationships and getting pregnant with her second child, she decided to move out of New York and find a better environment to raise her young family. She and her three-year-old son, Samson (who has lived his entire life in homeless shelters), came to the Mission in December. She was pregnant with her second child and determined to break the cycle of abuse and addiction in her family and create a better life for her children. “It’s such an honor and privilege to be witnessing her transformation and her growth as a mother, of now 2 children,” said Sheila Namy, City Mission’s Manager of Women and Children Services. “When Guadalupe first came to the Mission, she had built a wall around herself and was in a very protectant mode of survival with her child. She didn’t want to let anyone in or get close to her.” On June 21, Guadalupe’s daughter, Esther, was born. Since she had no supportive friends or family in the area, she asked Namy to accompany her to the hospital and be with her during the labor and delivery. “In my 7 years at the mission, this just might be the most memorable moment,” said Namy. “It was a very special day. I found myself in awe of the miracle of life and childbirth.” The two of them laughed and cried together. They read scripture and played Gospel music until it came time for baby Esther to arrive. “It was a joyful moment to watch baby Esther come into the world,” Namy explained. “I had tear-filled eyes, knowing that God had just formed a bond between this mom and child and that their lives, and mine, were forever changed by this day.” “Before I came to the Mission, I was a lost soul,” said Guadalupe. “I am grateful for this place because it's leading me to where I'm supposed to be in life. it's preparing me by giving me a sense of structure and having me focus on my spiritual life and being a good parent to my kids – not like my parents were to me. And it’s helping me become an independent person so I could provide for my kids.” Guadalupe is enjoying being a mother and building a bond with her family. She loves going to Mommy and Me classes and story time at the library. She loves spending time outside with the other mothers at the Mission and building relationships. She hopes to get into her own home soon with her children, and she dreams of one day working for City Mission or being an art teacher or art therapist. “I am thankful to the Mission because if I wasn't here, I don't know where I would be,” she said. “And because they are so loving to my kids. Kids are so precious and pure. And when they are small, that's when they really have to flourish. And the Mission gave me a place to live and showed me a lot of grace and mercy when I was at my lowest. When I was learning to let go of those bad habits.” Currently, our women with children shelter is at capacity, and there are struggling families getting the help they need. If you want help these families at City Mission, you can donate at “God shows us mercy and gives us help all the time, regardless of who we are and what we do,” said Guadalupe. “And He teaches us to do the same for others. Whenever there are others are in need, we should give.”


donations, food pantry, helping homeless
July 12, 2022

Mona Rae Williams of First United Methodist Church of Monongahela started a Matthew 25 Donation Project at her church to create a community driven donation opportunity within her church. Shelley Kubincanek, City Mission’s Church & Community Relations Manager, recently sat down with Mona Rae to ask her more about how she created this successful donation table to benefit, not only City Mission, but other organizations as well on a monthly basis. Thank you Mona Rae for sharing your experiences on your Matthew 25 Project with our newsletter. Question 1: How did you get the Matthew 25 started in your church? Mona Rae: I actually started the Matthew 25 after hearing about this from my nephew-in-law and his church in Arizona. It was so successful, I wanted to bring it to our church in Monongahela. It was a slightly different program than what I started in First United Methodist Church of Monongahela. Question 2: What does the Matthew 25 Project mean to you?Mona Rae:It is very important to me to help others! Question 3: What were you hoping to accomplish with this project and do you think over the years you have accomplished your goals? Mona Rae: Oh yes, each month our goal is to collect as much as we can and we accomplish our goals each month! Your Matthew 25 Project has been such a blessing to City Mission throughout the year. We are so blessed by the food drives, clothing drives, school supplies and sponsoring Thanksgiving meals, just to name a few. Question 4: What are some of the other donation drives that you hold for Matthew 25? Mona Rae: Well 9 or 10 out of 12 months a year we collect for City Mission and that includes for the Veteran's House and Christmas Gifts too. We also collect for World Vision and Jumonville Christian Camp. Question 5: If you could give a church any advice on starting a Matthew 25 in their church, what would you like to share with them on getting started? Mona Rae: Just get started & GET THE WORD OUT! The more they know about the project and needs the better the collection will be! Mona Rae gets the word out in her church newsletter and is a powerhouse to make all the donation drives a huge success! Thank you Mona Rae for your time and for sharing your information with other churches about Matthew 25. We know this could be such a great way to get the church congregations involved in faithful stewardship to help their community & organizations. If you have any questions about Matthew 25, please feel free to email Shelley at

Portraits for the Home Front

Elizabeth Black
July 8, 2022

City Mission, in conjunction with WQED, is hosting a free screening of a WQED documentary, Portraits for the Home Front | The Story of Elizabeth Black, on Tuesday, July 19 at 6pm at City Mission’s Porter Pillow and Peggie Beaver Pillow Chapel -- 84 West Wheeling Street in Washington. “It’s great that WQED is highlighting the portraits done by Elizabeth Black to honor World War II soldiers,” said Dr. Sally Mounts, City Mission’s Chief Development Officer. “We’re glad to allow them to use City Mission’s Pillow Chapel for this purpose.” The documentary recounts the moving and powerful story of Elizabeth Black who left a promising Pittsburgh art career to join American Red Cross efforts during World War II. She proposed a unique project to sketch hundreds of soldiers, sailors and airmen throughout Europe and send the treasured portraits to worried families back home - all across America.Seventy years later, Black’s son uncovered her fascinating memorabilia and shared it with WQED. The poignant story unfolds as we explore Black’s lost art career, seek out elderly veterans who encountered Miss Black on the battlefield, and present to amazed and appreciative families portraits that never arrived.To this day, viewers all over the U.S. continue to reach out to WQED letting them know they have an original Elizabeth Black soldier sketch in their home. And volunteer researchers are still helping to get unidentified soldier portraits to families across the country.David Solomon, WQED Vice President, Production & Programming for WQED Multimedia, will be on hand at the event to introduce the documentary and discuss the Elizabeth Black Project with the audience.Please join us for a free screening of this unforgettable film. Learn more or register for the event here:

Mission Possible VII

Crabtree Kovacicek Veterans House
July 1, 2022

City Mission’s seventh annual Mission Possible 5K Run/1 Mile Walk, presented by AccuTrex Products, Inc. and benefiting the Crabtree Kovacicek Veterans House for homeless veterans, will be held at Peterswood Park in Venetia on Saturday, August 6 at 8am. ”This is a unique run because it was conceived to benefit a shelter for homeless veterans, and veterans feature prominently in the opening ceremonies and the event itself,” said City Mission Chief Development Officer, Dr. Sally Mounts, a retired Lt. Colonel in the US Army. The event was started seven years ago by Jeff McCartney, a local realtor and board member for the City Mission Board of Directors, as a way to raise funds in support of City Mission’s Crabtree Kovacicek Veterans House, which opened in July 2018 and houses 22 homeless veterans, helping to restore them to independent living. “God’s will is for us to help those who need help – the poor, the lost, and the widowed,” said McCartney on why he started this fundraiser for our veterans. “His grace was so abundant on me, I just felt that I could not do nothing. And by the grace and love of Jesus Christ, we’re now able to help people who we could not help in the past.” This year’s Presenting Sponsor for the event is AccuTrexProducts, Inc., a manufacturing company headquartered in Canonsburg. AccuTrex President and CEO, Marty Beichner, was named Pittsburgh’s Vetrepeneur of the Year in 2020, a prestigious honor presented annually to one of the region’s outstanding veteran business owners.“We’re supporting the City Mission’s run to benefit the veterans at the Crabtree Kovacicek Veterans House,” said Beichner. “And we’re very proud to be a supporter of the race.”“Marty and his wife Judy are long-time supporters of City Mission,” said Sally Mounts. “Marty was a Corpsman on the ground in Vietnam with the 2nd Battalion 26th Marines, and he understands veterans’ needs at such a visceral level.”Last year, our Veterans Program had a 77% success rate helping homeless veterans to restore their hope and dignity and return to independent living. Recently, when Ed, a Navy veteran, could no longer get up the steps to his apartment due to hip and leg pain, and he had nowhere else to turn, he knew where he needed to go. He had been to City Mission nearly thirty years ago. “I was on a path of destruction,” Ed said. “My life was empty.” When he first came to the Mission, he formed a lifelong relationship with God and turned his life around. Over the years, Ed has come back to the Mission from time to time whenever he would fall on hard times, but his current stay at the Mission is his first stay at the Crabtree Kovacicek Veterans House. “As long as I continue to put God first,” he said, “I know everything will fall into place.”“I’m just really glad we have a facility that meets his needs,” added Dean Gartland, City Mission President/CEO. You can help other veterans just like Ed turn their lives around. Learn more or register today for the seventh annual Mission Possible 5K Run/1 Mile Walk at

Shop for a Cause: How to Give Back While Shopping Online

How to Give Back While Shopping Online
July 1, 2022

According to census data over 2.14 billion people bought items online in 2021. Many of us have changed our ways of shopping due the pandemic, or maybe just because of the plain ease of it all. But ever think about the impact you make if you also purchased in ways that help local charities? “Shopping for a cause” isn’t a new concept. But it really can make a difference buying something you need and helping someone else in need. Many of these programs are targeted to national charities, but here are some thoughts on if you want to help local ones like City Mission: 1. Amazon a. Smile Program: By using this program site, you get the “same products, same price and same service” PLUS City Mission is offered as a charity to select in program to get the 0.5% Amazon donation. b. City Mission Wishlist: Want to send the mission goods we need now? City Mission’s Wishlist on Amazon is a great way to do just that. You make the purchase and the items are sent directly to the mission. 2. City Mission Ebay store: You can find great items here changed out frequently, all while 100% of proceeds go directly to mission. You cannot go wrong! You find that unique items you’ve been searching for, all while helping the mission. Any help you give to City Mission goes a long way to providing “Hope for the Homeless”! But maybe you just want to get out of the house and shop the “old school” way. Our thrift stores are ready for you to venture out and see all the great finds in person, . “THRIFT WITH A PURPOSE!” is a great way to get deals and make a positive impact for those in need. Want to see firsthand some of the items and deals found at City Mission Thrift Stores, watch this:

Tammy and Richard Get Their Keys

Women with Children Shelter
June 24, 2022

Tammy and her son, Richard, recently moved out of City Mission and into their very own place. Tammy first came to the Mission in November of last year from a drug treatment facility. When Tammy came to the Mission, she made it her purpose to regain custody of her son, who had been in the foster system for several years. While staying with us, she worked very hard on her drug and alcohol recovery, earned resume-building certificates at our Career Training and Education Center, and learned soft job skills while working in our Samaritan Care Center – all in an effort to not only better herself but also to reunite with her son. And all of her hard work finally paid off. “I’ll always remember the excitement Tammy had when she came to my office and told me that CYS was placing her child back with her full time,” said Sheila Namy, the Manager of our Women and Children Program. “I had never seen her smile so big as in that moment!” Richard, age 7, moved in with his Mom at our Women with Children Shelter and made himself right at home. “My favorite memory of Richard,” added Namy, “is of him walking around in the shelter dressed like one of the ghostbusters making sure the shelter was safe from ghosts.” Recently, Namy took Tammy and Richard to see their new home, and all three were overwhelmed with emotion. “When I walked with Tammy and Richard up to their new apartment,” said Namy, “and heard her exclaim that she’d never in her life had a place of her own and Richard was running around and around in the yard with excitement as he looked around at his new neighborhood. It’s moments like that that make every long workday so worth it!” So Tammy and Richard are starting a new chapter in their life, and they’re doing it together. The staff and residents of our Women with Children Shelter, prayed over them as they packed up and moved to their very own place for the first time together. “Our Mission family is really gonna miss them,” added Namy, “but we’re so happy they’ve found a new home.” When Tammy reunited with her son, Richard, it was a dream come true. Your support made it possible. Visit to see how you can help make miracles happen at City Mission.

Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.     — Isaiah 40:31