The City Mission is thankful for each individual who has served in the military, and because of this we have devoted a house in our program specifically to this population and we will be opening Patriot House a Veteran’s Shelter in Summer of 2018! Residents in our current Veteran’s House- Joshua House- participate in the Life Recovery Program and also receive care from local veterans’ services. Research shows that veterans recover best when they are surrounded by other veterans. The City Mission is building relationships with Veterans’ organizations and is also working to create a program to meet the specific needs of this population.

They served us, and now it’s time to serve them.

Patriot House a Veteran's Shelter

America asks a lot of its military men and women.  And when they return home, too many of our beloved veterans find that returning to civilian life is even more challenging than being on active duty.

Over 500,000 veterans are homeless.

Veterans do not integrate, they isolate; which is why they so desperately need their own unique physical location with a specialized environment to optimize their recovery from homelessness — a place that provides veteran-specific recovery activities, resources and programs.

They served us, and now it’s time to serve them.

City Mission’s goal is to do just that – by providing an environment that allows veterans to work together, to grow and to heal, thus leading them back to independent living while in the safety of a serene, Christ-centered environment. We want to assist even more veterans and greatly improve their chances of a successful transition to independence. That is the reason City Mission is building a new 22-bed shelter for homeless veterans, The Patriot House.

COST: 2.7 million dollars
STATUS: Have raised $922,000. Need to raise 1.8 M more to complete.
Will provide 22 homeless veterans with the help they need rebuild their lives.

Donations for this facility can be sent to:
City Mission
84 West Wheeling Street, Washington, PA, 15301
with “Patriot House” or “Vet Shelter” indicated in the Memo line.

Or donate online now.