Our men receive classes, curriculum, and support that helps them to address life issues that have led them to our doors.

Within our Life Recovery phase individuals attend groups that address day to day life skills from a practical and Biblical perspective. These groups include discussion and reflection on relationships, anger management, stress, planning for the future, and self improvement. We also utilize the Crossroads series which addresses addictive behaviors with a Christian component. A new component to our program for men is a series called 24/7 Dad which focuses on building and strengthening bonds between children and their fathers. Supplemental and elective classes are offered on a rotating basis to our residents with the help of volunteers from the community.

We provide assessments to our residents in our state of the art ANSYS Career, Training, and Education Center. After being assessed residents are given the opportunity to build skills in our work therapy sites and provided with the opportunity to work towards certificates to increase their employability in the job market.

In our Re-Entry phase men prepare for their next steps. This includes additional time in ANSYS Career, Training and Education Center as they search for jobs and complete budgeting courses. They also participate in a savings program and maintain their foundation by giving back to the program and supporting the new clients that come into our doors.

Men’s Shelter: (724) 222-8530 ext. 210
84 W. Wheeling Street, Washington, PA 15301